Host A Jewelry Party

Hostess Rewards

Host a jewelry party with Miss Em’s and you will receive up to 15% of the total sales in free jewelry for yourself, just for hosting a party! We bring all the jewelry and accessories to you, so no need to even leave your house!

We bring hundreds of jewelry and accessories to your home for your guests to enjoy.  There is no “sales pitch” during your party, just casual shopping with your friends and family.  Guests are encouraged to bring outfits they need accessorized, bring pictures of things they need or whatever will help them to pick out the best new pieces for their wardrobe!  All your guests will be able to take the jewelry right away from your party –  no need to hassle with ordering, shipping and waiting for your jewelry to arrive.  If your friends can’t make the actual party, they can always shop online with a specific coupon code made for your event.  It’s so easy to host a jewelry party with Miss Em’s!

An example of the Hostess Rewards would be if you host a party, where I sell $400 in jewelry (our average party), you will get $60 in credit to be used that same day. Since our prices are 40-50% off retail prices, that $60 is comparable to $120 of in-store value.

Hostess Receives:

1. FREE jewelry
2. A GREAT REASON to get your friends, family, neighbors and associates together
3. ADDED BONUS – If you host a party and sales are over $500.00, you receive 20% of the total sales in FREE jewelry credits for yourself.


We also host fundraisers! These are great ways to get all of your friends and family to help support a cause or organization of your choosing.  Miss Em will bring all of the jewelry to the space that you secure and 15% of the total sales will go to the organization or cause of your choosing.  You will not receive free jewelry, but instead you’ll receive a check directly from Miss Em’s to your organization.  Some of the organizations that have held very successful fundraisers are: Volleyball teams, Boy Scout Troops, Cheerleading Teams, Pelotonia riders, Women’s organization and many others!  If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser for your organization, please contact Emily for more information about this.  The jewelry sells itself, you just need to get your friends and family to attend!