Emily Madden is the queen of style and passes it on to her customers.

– Angie Watson, Cincinnati, OH

Hosting a jewelry party is fun and so easy! It was a great time for me to spend with family, friends and colleagues. Emily is not the pushy sales type who will make you feel like you have to buy something, but instead lets you browse at your convenience, while enjoying the company of your friends!” – Kim Baltz, Cincinnati, OH


It’s refreshing to find quality accessories that aren’t mocked-up and sold for ridiculous prices. On top of that, you know who you’re buying your jewelry from, and can access the origin of the piece. I feel that the history of a possession, spurred from the nostalgia it represents, provides sentimental semantics that increase the personal value of each piece. That is what Emily can do for you; she finds the jewelry that you wear, not the jewelry that wears you.” – Shannon Lieberman, Columbus, OH

“I was looking at all the pictures and honestly don’t know which one I want because I love so many of them.  I was shocked how low the prices are for a set!” – Stephanie Redding, Austin, TX.

“Today a former Ambassador told me he liked my necklace, this is about the millionth person in DC who has made a comment about my various Miss Em’s items, but he definitely had the best title!” – Laura Winters, Washington DC. 

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If I am tempted to buy jewelry, I stop myself because I know Miss Em has something cuter, for cheaper! I love this stuff!” – Jaclyn Carey, Cincinnati, OH

I absolutely love the jewelry. I would like to buy every single piece.” – Erin McCamley, Cincinnati, OH

“I did wear one of the new infinity scarves in our engagement photos! I am so glad Michelle Smithand Kelly Bolte Duffy talked me into it at the fundraiser for First Church of God. I absolutely LOVE it!” – Dawn Elkins, Chillicothe, OH

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