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Bridal Shower 101

If you’re like me, your fridge is completely lined with wedding invititations, which means bridal showers are right around the corner.  As someone who has been to a few (more than a few) bridal showers, here is my bridal shower 101.

What to Wear?

In the past I have been someone that has felt over dressed, as well as severely underdressed for different showers.  Put together an idea of what you want to wear prior to the event – I promise it’ll pay off. Don’t wait until that morning to throw something together.  You should think about the location, the theme, the attendees, etc.  For example, if you’re invited to a shower with a “derby party theme” –be prepared for cute dresses, hats, and lipstick. Don’t make the mistake like I did showing up in jeans and a cute shirt!  You will feel underdressed, so put some thought into your bridal shower attire.

Personally, I have found that going on the dressier side for showers never fails.  It’s a big day for the bride.  There will be hundreds of photographs, first impressions to her friends / family, and the start of their wedding celebrations.  Being overdressed shows that you care and that you have put time and effort into being there for your friends and family members.  There is only one rule.  Do NOT wear white (unless requested by the bride). Brides typically want to be the only one wearing white for their wedding, as well as wedding festivities (including bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc).  If the bride hasn’t requested that you wear white, I can also guarantee that you will get some judging looks from your brides friends and family.

So what should you wear?

For the Bride

sleeveless dress     


 For the Guest


And last but not least, do not underestimate your shoes.  You’re surrounded by a group of women, they absolutely will notice a good shoe.  And of course, make sure to dress up any of your outfits with some Miss Em's jewelry.  A statement necklace with a little black dress can be the perfect outfit.

What are your favorite bridal shower outfits?

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