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Father's Day is About Quality Time

My parents lately been saying to me, “I don’t need gifts, I just want to spend time with you”.  It’s such a simple and powerful statement.  They don’t need anything that I would be spending my money on, and let’s face it, it would probably end up in a bin for Goodwill in 3-5 years.  Instead they want to create memories with me, hear about my day, laugh with me (or at me), maybe even to the point of tears!  The greatest gift that I can give them is my time.

I personally know that that is a lot easier said than done.  In this crazy busy world that we live in, where everyone is connected by some sort of device, having a million things to do in one day, it’s hard to completely “disconnect” to spend quality time with someone.  But this Father’s Day I want to spend time with my Dad.  I want to laugh at him, I want to listen to his stories (some I may have heard a few times before), I want to give him a bear hug…  I want to do all of this because he is my Dad, and he’s the world’s best Dad out there.  (Yes, I know I’m a bit biased).  So, instead of getting my dad a “gift” this year, I’m giving him some good ‘ol fashion quality time instead.  Because who doesn’t like making fun memories with your family? 

When trying to figure out what I would actually do with my Dad for Father’s Day I had to look for ideas on the internet.  Here are some of my favorite ideas that I found to do in Ohio for Father’s Day weekend (or really any weekend) that will be fun for all involved! 

1.  Top Golf in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (If you're there at 1:30... you WILL see me and family there.  *This photo is from Top Golf in Denver, FYI. 

Top Golf in Denver, Colorado

2.  Go Canoeing on the Little Miami in Cincinnati, Ohio

3. Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio  

4.  Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio

5.  Cincinnati Food Truck Association Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio

6.  Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, Ohio

7.  Father’s Day Concert at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio

8.  Worthington Arts Festival in Columbus, Ohio

9.  Grandview Digfest in Columbus, Ohio

10.  Columbus Clippers Game 6/18 in Columbus, Ohio

11.  Columbus Clippers Game 6/16 in Columbus, Ohio

12.  Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival in Columbus, Ohio 

13. Picnic with the Pops in Columbus, Ohio

14. Cincinnati Riverboat Tours in Cincinnati, Ohio 

15. Segway Tours of Columbus, Ohio  or Segway Tours of Cincinnati, Ohio 

16. Cincinnati Dinner Train in Cincinnati, Ohio

17. Ride the Ducks in Cincinnati, Ohio 

18. National Museum of the U.S Air Force in Dayton, Ohio 

19. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio 

20. Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio 


And if all of those fail, then get him an Ohio Golf Pack to go golfing anytime he wants!  You can enter to win one by liking our Facebook page or Following us on Instagram!  

And don't forget to spend some quality time with your Dad this weekend. I would love to hear any other suggestions you have for spending quality time with your Dad! 

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