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How to Spice Up a Plain T-Shirt

One of the biggest fashion trends recently has been wearing a plain solid color shirt with beautiful jewelry to spice it up! You can easily transform from running errands, to going to work or a meeting with this look!

The best part about this look is the short amount of time it takes to get ready! Just grab a plain shirt and a necklace, bracelets, and/or earrings and you’re ready to go.

We have taken some of our favorite Miss Em’s pieces and paired them with a plain shirt to show you how easy it is to accomplish this style.

As you can see here, the bold beautiful jewelry really dresses up the outfit!

We also love easy to wear bracelets.   These magnetic bracelets are the perfect accessory for a girl on the go -  you can snap these bracelets on in a quick second due to the easy magnetic latch!  Careful though, bobby pins will also stick to the magnets :)


If you're trying to find the best pieces to spruce up your t-shirt, please contact us or shop online today!


** Thank you to the lovely ladies from Phi Sigma Sigma sorority at Capital University for being our lovely models!

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