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Miss Em's Hosts Fundraisers for Pelotonia

Miss Em recently had the pleasure of hosting two jewelry parties to benefit Pelotonia in Columbus, Ohio.  One of the parties was hosted by M+A Architects, a nationally recognized architecture firm based in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.  What are M + A Architects all about? They are known for balancing the art and science of architecture while matching creativity with practicality for an optimal space. Some of their architectural projects include The OSU School of Dentistry, Bob Evans, 700 Yard Street Offices, and so many more.

Miss Em was excited to partner with their team to host a fundraiser on Wednesday, July 29th at their Columbus office.  The fundraiser was held from 4:30pm – 6pm; that way employees could conveniently stop by during a coffee break, or stay and enjoy happy hour after work. Everyone in their building and any surrounding buildings were invited! Guests browsed the jewelry, and enjoyed some healthy snacks, drinks, and glasses of wine. It was the perfect “wine and shine” event!

This year M+A Architects has 14 riders on their Peloton team with a goal of $23,000 to raise together for cancer research. Some of the shoppers that evening were riders for this year, while others were just proud supporters of their colleagues. It was so motivating to hear individual stories about why each person was riding, who had been affected by cancer, and each of their goals for this year. Some are riding for the first time, some have been doing this for years, and some are just happy to volunteer for the upcoming event this weekend!

The M+A Architects Peloton team was able to fundraise $125 with Miss Em’s in just an hour and a half.  Preparation and set-up of the event was so easy, and everyone was extremely excited to have raised that much in so little time! Miss Em was happy to give a donation to such an amazing cause and amazing team.

Fundraisers with Miss Em’s truly are easy. All your organization needs to do if you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser is get in touch with Miss Em’s, find a location to host the party, and market to friends and family to get them to attend. The jewelry sells itself! Please feel free to reach out to Miss Em for more detail about hosting a fundraiser!

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