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Miss Em's: The Beginning

Ladies, let’s get real: We would accessorize from head to toe daily if money truly did sprout up from the ground or flutter down from the trees. We wish. That’s not reality, but what is real is Miss Em’s beautiful pieces at a reasonable price. It’s the perfect drool-worthy mix of “Wow, I wonder what she shelled out for that necklace” and “It cost how much?!” In fact, you will often see the same pieces that Miss Em’s offers in larger department stores and retail merchants; the only difference: Miss Em’s jewelry comes without the loaded price tag.

The demand says it all. What started as a service for friends and family quickly grew into something much bigger. Friends were telling friends, family spread the word, and the demand for Emily’s keen eye for style spoke for itself.

Ok, we should probably back up a bit so you can see where all this buzz started.

How the Fire Started

Emily, or Miss Em to which she is so fondly referred, went to school for fashion merchandising and marketing and also spent her afternoons in an upscale consignment store. (Talk about constant inspiration!)

“Because I was the one taking clothing items in (based off of what I thought would sell) I felt very responsible for the success of selling those items, which made me really listen to the customers and what they were looking for,” says Emily.

Emily learned what we girls really want when it comes to a little sparkle and the creative juices were swelling inside of her. She took on a school project of creating her own business and business plan for something she was passionate about. Miss Em’s was created and couldn’t stay confined to that classroom.

She started small, purchasing some jewelry from friends and family by request. They would print off pictures of styles of jewelry that they liked to see if Emily could find pieces similar or almost exact, but at affordable prices. Can you guess what happened? Emily found those items at a fraction of the price of the retailers’ jewelry.

Once these ladies realized that Miss Em had some kind of insider secret, word spread like wildfire.

“There have been times that I have shopped at retailers and have seen the EXACT same necklace that I have available for $15.00 at the retailers for over $80.00,” says Emily.

How “Miss Em” Got Her Name

“We were standing talking about my dream of having a jewelry and consignment store after having one of my first home parties, hosted by my mom. Her friends started calling me Miss Em and it all took off from there,” says Emily.

In fact, Miss Em’s has become so well-known in the Cincinnati area that ladies have met Emily at a gathering, gasping “You’re Miss Em?!” when they realize that they might have known her all along. She’s the bright, radiating face behind Miss Em’s, both of which are looked upon fondly.

Miss Em’s has since moved business to the Columbus, Ohio, area but frequently travels back to Cincinnati, Chillicothe and other areas to host house parties, attend events, and of course, host the popular Miss Em’s Holiday Open House.

Miss Em’s Holiday Open House

The first year Miss Em’s hosted their Holiday Open House, a small amount of women attended. The next year, attendance doubled, and now, years later, more than 120 women attend within just the first few hours to shop for jewelry, scarves and great accessories.

Fact: Christmas comes once a year. The holidays are fun and home to Miss Em’s Holiday Open House, but you don’t have to wait to make a yearly haul. You can purchase online through the Miss Em’s website, by following Miss Em’s on Facebook, or by hosting/ attending a Miss Em’s party.

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