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The Perfect Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Just recently I had the pleasure of helping out one of my fabulous brides with not only her wedding jewelry, but also her bridesmaids gifts for her big day!  I have to say, working with this bride was a ton of fun because she wanted to think about all of the things that they would need on her wedding day, not the reverse.  She was so concerned about making sure her Bridesmaids have a great experience and had everything they needed before she even did!  

This bride in particular wanted to create a "Bridesmaids Survival Kit" since she joked that she might become "Bridezilla" once the nerves kicked in and they got closer to the wedding day (but not on purpose of course!)  We talked about some of the things we each remembered needing while helping out a friend for their wedding day and came up with a fun list of items for her to use in her survival kits. 

Her Bridal Survival Bag Contents:

- Bridesmaid Tote bag - the perfect accessory for the day of to hold all of their stuff!

- Lip stick (she went with a darker color since she wanted her girls to wear a darker shade on her wedding day) 

- Tampons - gotta love Aunt Flow

- Gum

- Necklace and Earring set - for her girls to wear with their bridesmaids dresses

- Chapstick 

- Champagne - no wedding is complete without some bubbly

- Bandaids - ladies break in your shoes before you wear them down the aisle

- Lotion

- Hand sanitizer

- Make up bags that say "Bridesmaid" 

- Advil - they will need it with this great party you're going to throw!

- Bobby pins

- Safety pins

- Deoderant 

- Nail polish 

- Lint roller 

Check out some pictures of some of the items we included in their tote bag:


Make Up Catch All Bag

Some additional ideas we threw out:

- Picture frame of her and that bridesmaid

- Selfie stick

- Flip flops 

- Gift card to the nail salon where they were going the day before the wedding

- Static guard

- Blotting papers

- Disposable camera for her to document the big day or days leading up to it

- Double sided tape 

- Scissors 

- Perfume

If you're currently planning your big day, or know someone that is, please feel free to reach out to me to help you!  Miss Em's carries gorgeous wedding jewelry, great gifts, and more!  Or if you need some ideas for weddings gifts, we carry a wide variety of wonderful gifts for showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, etc. 

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