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Why I Shop Consignment Stores

All too often I'm getting asked where my clothes are from.

"Did you get that from StitchFix?"

"Is that a new dress?"

"What a cute shirt - where did you get it?"

Many people are surprised when I tell them that I typically get all of my clothes from consignment stores (or the sales racks in department stores).  I'm too cheap to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress, shirt, skirt, etc and only own a few items in my closet that were splurges, like Betsy Johnson heals, a Michael Kors bag, or my wedding gown (I wouldn't even call that a splurge since I somehow managed to find the least expensive dress in the entire store!).  I personally like to have a lot of variety in my wardrobe and get sick of wearing the same things over and over again, hence my love affair of consignment stores (and the prices)

Today I needed some retail therapy after a long day.  So, I grabbed the pile of clothes that I have been meaning to consign and headed for one of my favorite Columbus consignment stores, Second Chance.  So long short shorts, or those size 2 shorts that looked great on me in college, but unfortunately can't even get a let into these days).  so long shorts that no longer fit andwhose length are much more appropriate for a girl in college vs. the almost 30 year old that's writing this).  After dropping my items off to get consigned I started perusing the store looking for a dress for the Kentucky Derby Fundraiser my husband and I are throwing in two weeks.  I wanted something different than what's in my closet and I also wanted to make sure that my dress isn't going to be the same dress that everyone else is wearing next weekend.  I knew that consignment stores were going to be my first (and hopefully last) place to look for a dress.  Of course, like pretty much all trips to consignment stores for me, I got distracted by all of the other things in the store and ended up getting more than just a dress... oops! But how can you not get excited when you can get a new dress for $12?!

Anyways, the reasons why I love shopping at consignment stores are:

  1. The PRICES!  Everyone loves a good deal and consignment stores are full of them.  I got a pair for Seven for All Mankind jeans for $35 dollars ($28 after they took off a 20% discount that I had).  These jeans can cost anywhere from $189 - $250+ for a pair.  And they fit me SO well I just couldn't resist.
  2. The variety.  Consignment stores have thousands of consignors.  That means thousands of different styles of clothing are being brought into these stores on a daily basis.  Every piece is a little bit different than the other and I love finding something that is totally different for my wardrobe.
  3. The Hunt.  Yes, you have to hunt but I love it.  The hunt isn't for everyone, but it might be my favorite part, honestly.  I love going through racks of clothes trying to find the perfect piece, or something different what everyone else is wearing.  I also love hunting for pieces that I would have loved to been able to afford at their normal retail price, but know that I would get my credit card taken away from my husband had I did! Finding it at a major discount is way more fun!
  4. The people. The employees at consignment stores are always SO friendly.  They are willing to help you with questions and do it with a smile on their face.  It's fun talking to them about the different items that have come in, and the fact that you are all shopaholics.  They, just like me, are constantly checking to see what else has come in.  It's a bit of a treasure hunt!
  5. Consigning my own clothes.  Every year I do a binge of my closet.  I go and try on different pieces that I haven't worn in a while, take out the clothes that are truly not my style anymore and put them in piles.  Goodwill, consignment stores or recycling bin.  I take the items that are in the best shape to consignment stores and hope that someone else will want to buy them.  When you consign you don't get the money right away for your items, you get it after it sells. Typically it's 50% of the sale price that you get back, but you have to wait. That part stinks at first, but it is really fun when you go in for a shopping day and find out you have $50, $100, or more on your account!  It's basically like you're now shopping for free!

My go-to consignment stores:

Snooty Fox - Cincinnati, Ohio (I also worked here in high school and college. GREAT store!  There are also 11 stores with clothing AND furniture).  This is where my love affair with consignment stores began.  And the reason why I can't pay retail for clothes.

Second Chance - Columbus, Ohio

One More Time - Columbus, Ohio

From my shopping trip today I found the following items and paired them with some Miss Em's jewelry.  Let me know what you think of these looks!

This dress was $12 ($9.60 after my 20% off coupon). Necklace from Miss Em's and shoes from Target. Perfect outfit for strolling around in the summer or traveling!
This dress was $17 ($13.60 after my 20% off coupon). J Crew dress paired with Miss Em's necklace. Shoes from DSW.
Shorts were $12.50 (or $10 with my 20% off coupon). Paired it with a shirt I have from H&M, a Miss Em's necklace and shoes from DSW.
LOVE this skirt. It's a bit more pink that this photo gives it credit for. Paired this with Miss Em's necklace, bracelet and handbag. Shoes from DSW. Skirt was $14 (11.20 after 20% off coupon).
Closer look of the skirt print with the shirt I already had.
My derby dress! Gorgeous Elisa dress that was $35 (or $28 after the 20% off coupon). Paired with my Betsy Johnson heels, a Miss Em's handbag and Miss Em's necklace!

The crazy part is that I got multiple outfits, all for $186.  I also had a credit on my account for $55 dollars, so it ended up being $131 for 6 dresses, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of shorts, and 2 pairs of (expensive jeans).  Each of these pieces I'm able to pair with my Miss Em's jewelry and my outfits are complete!  I can't wait for spring / summer temperatures to stay around so I can start wearing these outfits out and about!

Do you enjoy shopping at consignment stores?  Tell me about your experiences and favorite consignment stores!

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