Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I expect my order after payment?

Our orders typically take 1-2 days for processing, and then can take 3-5 days for shipping depending on the area it's being delivered to.  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.  If you're in the Columbus, Ohio area,  you're also welcome to coordinate a time with us to pick up.

Are the jewelry pieces nickel free? 

Some of our items are nickel free.  If you're specifically inquiring about a piece being nickel free, please email us so we can verify prior to your order. 

I'm interested in hosting a fundraiser / party.  How soon should I notify you? 

Our dates fill up quite quickly for fundraisers and parties.  Once you know you're interested in hosting one, please reach out to us to coordinate dates that are available. 

Who should host a party?  

Everyone and anyone! Miss Em's parties are fun, easy and a great way to get together with your girlfriends.  As a host you will receive free jewelry for hosting, and we pride ourselves on having a large assortment of pieces so that there is something for everyone!

Is there a cost to hosting a party?

No!  There isn't a cost to hosting a party.  We just ask that you invite your friends, coworkers, etc to attend / participate online.  You will receive free pieces for hosting based on the total sales from your party. 

How often do you get new items? 

We are getting new items all the time!  Typically every month we will have new pieces for you to shop from, if not more! 

What are the expectations for hosting a party? 

You should expect to have fun! Typically our in home parties last about two hours.  You will usually have someone who gets there a little early, and someone who shows up right at the end of the party.  The parties are supposed to be casual, fun, and a great time for you and your girlfriends to get together.  There is no pressure for anyone to purchase, and no "sales presentation" while they are there.  It's really just like having a store in your home. Your guests are also welcome to bring clothes with them to have us help style them!  We typically only have one of each piece, so make sure your friends get their early to get their favorite pieces.  

Is my house too small to host a party?

Absolutely not!  We just need a few tables to put jewelry out.  Since there is only one of each piece, once one piece is gone, we can put out another!

Is it possible to host a party somewhere other than my house?

Yes, absolutely!  Many of our hosts have asked to have them in a clubhouse, as a church, we have even done a party in a private room at Panera!  The options are endless! 

Can I host a party with a friend?  

Of course!  Having multiple people host a party is a great way to get more people to attend your event.  Just know that we will split the rewards between the two of you. By co-hosting you will hopefully get more people, more sales and even more rewards!

Will you bring all of Miss Em's jewelry to my party?

Miss Em's is constantly getting new accessories in stock.  We can't bring everything with us, as we have hundreds (actually thousands) of pieces to choose from.  We do promise to bring a variety of pieces, and if there are specific styles you're looking for, please tell us in advance of the party. Your guests are also welcome to shop online. 

What if my friends and family can't make it to my home party?  Can they shop online?

Yes, we will give you a code for your friends and family to use while shopping. Once that code is applied to their sales, you will receive your portion of their sale in credits for free jewelry, or your fundraiser.